Super Week

Whether you embrace the blue collar Steelers, or root for the small town Packers, the next few days leading up to the biggest American sporting event of the year is sure to provide for a media spectacle.

Zinio publications across all our categories have many articles dedicated to the coverage of the Super Bowl in Dallas. Interestingly, many stray beyond the game preview and gridiron statistics, focusing on the business and politics behind the Super Bowl.

While sports pundits are pontificating the game’s outcome, some of the most interesting dissection of this game beyond the final score will likely evolve across the Zinio newsstand on topics like: super bowl commercials, television ratings, halftime entertainment, and the impact of a looming NFL strike.

The fact that this year’s Super Bowl draws two franchises with well-traveled legions of devoted fan bases is not lost on the NFL. The Packers and Steelers are the public face of the NFL and the definitive example of its best known brands. This year the league is seeing television ratings at 15-year highs and the Green Bay Packers have broken TV ratings records for some of the most watched games in the last few years.

Adweek, January 31, 2011
Adweek takes an interesting note of the looming crop of commercials that will air this Sunday, with a preview of what to expect.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Jan 31 – February 6, 2011
With all the news coverage on the annual spectacle that is the Super Bowl, the very real fact that the National Football League is facing a potential lockout year in 2011, which could put a serious damper on fans and revenue. Bloomberg examines the financial impact that player strike would pose on the NFL.

Sporting News Today, February 1, 2011
Our daily coverage of all things sports takes a detailed look at analysis for the upcoming game, and highlights coverage of both the Packers and Steelers prominent arrival into Dallas. Expect plenty of coverage tomorrow morning from Super Bowl’s Media Day as well as plenty of riffs on the freezing weather that has crippled the Dallas metropolitan area.
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Harper’s Magazine, February 2011
The conversation of commercials has already begun in the pages of Harper’s Magazine, which proposed the idea of pitching Uncle Sam to America utilizing a Super Bowl ad spot. According to Adage, “The government could certainly use a new marketing program. “I think for starters you can say the number-one marketing challenge the government has is that its primary communications outlet is political campaigning,” said Mark Fitzloff, an executive creative director at Wieden & Kennedy featured in this month’s Harper’s.

Maxim, February 2011
What could possibly make the Super Bowl bigger? Maxim has the top 10 list which includes zany ideas like lowering ticket prices to $1 and changing the venue to cold-weather outdoor stadiums to make the media suffer.

Steelers Digest, February 11, 2011
If you are a Steelers super fan, than I don’t need to tell you that there is a magazine devoted to your football team, and that Zinio sells it.

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