Zinio Android 1.11

Our crack team of Android developers have been hard at work. And today welcomes the most recent version of our Zinio App to the Android Marketplace.

Here is what’s new in the 1.11 version:

* Support for most devices running Android OS 2.2 and greater.
* Support for right to left reading.
* Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Keep your peepers peeled for future enhancements to the market including:

* Explore featured articles from top publications for free.
* Additional usability enhancements and updates.

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9 Responses to Zinio Android 1.11

  1. Gregory Germain says:

    It does not run on my android 2.2 tablet. The program gets into a rebooting cycle as soon as it logs in and flashes my magazines. You need a support site so people can get feedback on getting it to work.

  2. July says:

    I can’t understand why we can’t see adult magazines in android reader. You say gloogle politic doesn’t permit it. I see that’s true if you can buy those magazines in market. That would be forbidden. But why can’t I see adult content if I buy it in PC? Zinio is a reader. Google can’t forbid a reader. So it would be forbidden to download media readers because you can see porn in it.

    • vipasoft says:

      I agree. Youtube app is available on Market and also lots of Adult content apps when you change the filtering. Why can’t Zinio do a version downloadable from their site that doesn’t have the restrictions.

  3. Phil says:

    I’ve tried two 7″ Android tablets and the october updates of Zinio have not worked on either of them. I’d really love to be able to read my magazines somewhere other than my PC. Is there a way to get the version of Zinio before the one you released about Oct 12th? No luck since then.

  4. Sarah says:

    I’ve used Zinio quite a bit on my gTablet running Android Honeycomb 3.0. Recently (I’m assuming after the latest update), I’m unable to log in to read the magazines I’ve purchased. Originally, it would get stuck on the ‘Zinio’ title screen when opening the app. I tried clearing the cache to see if it would help. It prompts me to sign in using my e-mail and password, but when I press ‘Sign in’, it looks like it’s trying to connect but never does. I’m particularly distressed because I bought several special issues of magazines on my PC and am now unable to read them on my primary media consumption device. Searching the internet, I see many other users have similar problems but have found no solutions posted. I hope for a quick solution.

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  6. Pradosh says:

    @Sarah, I have a similar problem too, I started getting trouble when Zinio was updated to the latest version, prior to that it was working good

  7. Phil says:

    Update….latest version is working now. Thanks Zinio.

  8. Felipe says:

    I used to have my library arranged in a way where all the same titles were grouped together; for example, there was a group for National Geographic and another for Popular Mechanics (and so forth). If I wanted to read National Geographic, I would go into that group, and then select the installment of that magazin that I wanted to read. Since I uploaded Zinio a while back, I cannot arrange my magazines this way; if I choose to sort my library by title, ALL the magazines (including the ones that are NOT downloaded – as in old installments). How can I get the old view back? It was VERY helpful in being able to select what I wanted to read, and I want it back!

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