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The Maid's Tale

Newsweek, August 1, 2011
Exclusive: The DSK Maid Speaks

One of the biggest stories this morning is Nafissatou Diallo’s exclusive interview in today’s Newsweek. Diallo, the alleged victim in the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case, gave a very lengthy interview — her story is at the center of the Newsweek cover — and revolves around a story which has had a political impact on both sides of the Atlantic. Of particular interest is the timeline of events compiled from comprehensive Newsweek interviews, police records and court documentation available here.

Confessions of an NFL Hit Man

Men’s Journal, August 2011

With the end of the NFL Lockout looming, American football fans are preparing to see over 130 days worth of court proceedings and delays come to an end. If both parties — NFL owners and players both come to an agreement, training camps and practices could begin as soon as Wednesday.

With the attention focused away from the field, some players have taken creative liberties with their free time. Hard-hitting Pittsburgh Steelers’ linebacker, James Harrison divulged tons of juicy personal opinions on everyone from the NFL commissioner to his quarterback. You can read all the details in the Men’s Journal interview, which will undoubtedly add lots of interesting storylines to the Steelers’ training camp.

Last Tango In Paris

Procycling, July 2011
Stage Preview

It’s not too late to revel in the glory of the toughest road cycle race on Earth. The Tour de France wrapped up yesterday, but Procycling has one of the best, most comprehensive previews of riders, teams and stages.

Shuttle Legacy

Aviation Week & Space Technology
Shuttle Legacy

This past week marked the end of an era and the future of NASA and space exploration is up in the air. The landing of the shuttle Atlantis this past Thursday put closure to an era of space discovery and research, but also signifies the start to commercial and private space mission and travel that is sure to capture the imagination of many. In the meantime, Atlantis heads to Cape Canaveral, Florida.

The Diva and Her Demons

B-Metro, June 2011
Max Vadukual – Amy Winehouse

The untimely death of Amy Winehouse is sure to be the topic of both gossip magazines as well as music publications. This photo appeared in Rolling Stone in an article from June 14, 2007, “The Diva and Her Demons.”

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