2011: The Best In Magazines

We see a lot of great content here at Zinio. While tough, someone has to spend the day pouring through the pages of the world’s largest digital newsstand. And for the past twelve months, we have been fortunate enough to experience the news and experiences of our world through the most beautiful, hi-fidelity images, engrossing design spreads and hard-hitting, long-form journalism.

So this week, we are excited to present Zinio’s Best of 2011. Already rolled out last week at Zinio, we hope the blog provides a forum to discuss, explore and share the content that really caught our eye for the past year across a multitude of journalistic, design and photographic magazine disciplines.

Our crack team of designers helped make the pretty pages possible, and also worked to concept a visual graphic on the ten biggest news stories of the past year on our digital newsstand which is currently live on visual.ly.

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2 Responses to 2011: The Best In Magazines

  1. thiago says:

    A question: Is it possible to search text inside the magazines in iPad’s Zinio version? How?

  2. Luiz says:

    The best of 2011 ? The worst I know : zinio service. Since jan 2012 zinio web and library is down, no sign of working and a total lack of respect to paying customer like me, that cannot download magazines paid or even complain ? How can i cancel all and get my money back ? Zinio sucks.

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